Massimo Bartolini

2 May - 21 Jun 2008 Golden Square

Massimo Bartolini’s practice embraces various materials and techniques, from sculpture and performance to photography and video. 

His works have included an elevated floor that created the impression of distorted space; an installation in which a device on the heel of a visitor’s shoes altered the light in the exhibition space; and rooms suffused with perfume and the sound of leaking water. These often sensual artworks induce in the viewer a meditative state that is still highly experiential, making us reflect on the relativity of what is solid and what is fluid.


The new video installation on display at Golden Square consists of eight rotating video projections which traverse the gallery walls. The hazy images were shot in very diverse locations from Beijing to Birmingham, New Jersey to Cologne. They depict incidents which though common-place are somehow intriguing; moths attracted to a lamp, a piano tuner, a tumble dryer… small miracles which occur unnoticed by most of us. The carousel of images in constant movement around the viewer creates a feeling of disorientation yet there is also a sense of serendipity of a myriad of unconnected things coming together to create the harmony and continuity of the everyday.

Installation Views