Marlene Dumas: Forsaken

14 Oct - 26 Nov 2011 Golden Square

Forsaken is an exhibition of new paintings by Marlene Dumas. 

The subjects of these works range from The Crucifixion to images of famous as well as infamous contemporary figures. Forsaken is Dumas’ first solo presentation in the UK since 2004.

This is an exhibition that takes the words of Christ on the cross as its starting point. The moment of feeling utterly and absolutely alone, when he cries out – “My God, why hast thou forsaken me?”
It is not an exhibition only about the dilemmas of Christianity,
but also about the loss of love and beliefs that we have forsaken.
It is about tragic lives and falls from grace.
It is about portraits betraying states of mind.
About people becoming ghosts of themselves.

– Marlene Dumas

Installation Views