James Castle

James Castle

b. 1899, Garden Valley, Idaho

James Castle was an American artist who created drawings, handmade books and constructions for nearly seventy years. His works depict landscapes and buildings from the Boise and Ada counties of the state of Idaho where the artist worked and lived his entire life. They mix straightforward observation with remembered imagery, surreal totems and architectonic forms of his own conception. Castle’s drawings exploit a remarkably subtle grey scale using materials that are derived from the very world they depict, energised and compressed onto small scraps of paper. The emphasis on rough and found materials is in sharp contrast to his use of linear perspective and the arresting spatial illusion that characterises many of his drawings.

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Untitled (farmscape with barn)

Untitled (farmscape with barn), n.d.

​Found paper, soot. 8.9 x 14 cm