Juan Uslé: MO-HI-NA

16 Oct - 23 Dec 2009 Golden Square

Juan Uslé’s work reflects on the possibilities of painting. It has an intriguing intensity borne from plays of colour and the nuances of pattern and gesture.

The canvases in this exhibition, which range from the intimate to the very large, have evolved slowly over days or weeks. Each emerges from the process as a very distinct character – and sometimes, like Uslé’s rare black pet donkey, after which the exhibition is named, they are complete and beautiful anomalies.


Although non figurative, the paintings often have their origin in the real world; small everyday scenes observed by the artist such as the play of light through Venetian blinds or a detail on the New York Subway have been a source for many. Here memory, emotion, chance and dreams all have their part to play and colours, shapes and forms create a complex language of their own drawing the viewer into a world of visual pleasure.

Installation Views