Thomas Schütte: New Works

28 Sep - 15 Nov 2012 Golden Square

Thomas Schütte is one of the most important artists working today. In this exhibition of new work the artist exploits transitions in scale and materials in works which range from the monumental to the intimate and concentrate on figuration.

The two central sculptures in the exhibition Krieger (2012) take the form of giants, one brandishing a stick. They are based on small sculptures with bottle caps for hats, these have been scanned and then scaled-up immensely in laminated and stained wood. Fratelli (2012) are four large bronze portrait busts, their heavily modeled faces and shoulders have an almost classical appearance.


In the lower gallery are two more heads this time in glazed ceramic, and surrounding these are a series of small watercolour paintings. Schütte often uses watercolour in his practice producing images which are diaristic in purpose. The paintings shown here are very delicate still life studies of flowers, they provide a startling contrast to the extremity of the sculptures shown on the ground floor.



Thomas Schütte’s recent solo exhibitions include presentations at the NMNM, Monaco (2012), Castello di Rivoli, Turin (2012), Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid (2010) and Haus der Kunst, Munich (2009). Schütte has received numerous awards and prizes, including the Düsseldorf Prize in 2010 and the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale in 2005.

Installation Views