0 To 60 In 10 Years: A Decade in Soho - Part I

27 May - 1 Jul 1999 Soho Square

With its 60th exhibition, Frith Street Gallery celebrates its 10 year anniversary.

Jane Hamlyn opened the gallery in 1989 and over the last 10 years, Frith Street Gallery has developed an international programme of painting, photography, sculpture, film and video, doubled its showing space and produced a Turner Prize nominee for the last 4 consecutive years – Callum Innes (1995), Craigie Horsfield (1996), Cornelia Parker (1997), Tacita Dean (1998).


The gallery was originally situated in 60 Frith Street, an exceptional building with original features dating from 1681. When, in 1994, the gallery was able to take on the building next door, the scope of its exhibitions also expanded. Frith Street Gallery has been able to mount unparalleled exhibitions of young and established artists (including seminal figures such as Louise Bourgeois, Giuseppe Penone, Alexandr Sokurov, Chantal Akerman and Ida Applebroog) in a remarkable architectural environment.


The exhibition 0 – 60 in 10 Years celebrates the broad range of work shown at Frith Street Gallery and invites you to see the latest work by each of the artists who show regularly with the gallery. This will be a rare opportunity to see new works by all these artists in this country and to look towards the next 10 years.