22 May - 4 Jul 2003 Soho Square

This exhibition brings together four artists of different generations who use film and video.

Chantal Akerman’s Avec Sonia Wieder-Atherton is a portrait of the cellist and composer, Sonia Wieder-Atherton. In the film Akerman portrays the musician as an actor engaged in dialogue with her instrument. Shot in the director’s inimitable deconstructive style, it displays an intensive and personal gaze.


Anna Barriball’s Projection captures the simple but startling phenomenon of reflected light. It shows the artist standing by a window whilst streaming sunlight dances off her sequinned T-shirt and plays across the walls of the room. The image is restrained and beautiful, reminiscent of a classical painting, yet it also possesses a strange and slightly unsettling physicality.


Tacita Dean’s short film The Green Ray was shot on the west-coast of Madagascar. It depicts the last ray of the dying sun refracting and bending below the horizon and producing, for a fraction of a second, a distinctive greenish glow. For Dean searching for this elusive event became about the act of looking itself, about faith and the belief in what you see.


The imagery in Annelies Strba’s work originates as digital video stills. Her pictures, often flooded with intense light and saturated colour are the product of many levels of manipulation. The resulting works – mostly images of the artist’s family and immediate surroundings – have a distanced, almost dreamlike quality.