Polly Apfelbaum

Waiting for the UFOs (a space set between a landscape and a bunch of flowers)

Publisher: IKON Gallery, Birmingham, 2018.

ISBN: 9781911155201

Dimensions: 29 x 23 cm

Pages: 44

This catalogue accompanied Polly Apfelbaum’s 2018 exhibition Waiting for the UFOs (a space between a landscape and abunch of flowers) (9 September – 11 November 2018).


It features large-scale colourful installations of textiles, ceramics and drawings. Apfelbaum’s artistic practice is framed within wider sociological and political contexts, and the legacy of post-war American art.


Includes essays by curator/writers Glenn Adamson and Alhena Katsof, and an introduction by Ikon Director Jonathan Watkins.