Dayanita Singh: Book Building – Performing the Book

Kunsthaus Göttingen

18 June–25 September 2022


Under the title printing futures, Kunsthaus Göttingen presents ten international artists as a partner project of documenta fifteen, who deal with paper as an artistic medium in their work.


Paper is a material available everywhere, from rare art papers to simple everyday papers – printed or unprinted. White and full of potential, it can be used in a variety of ways. For documenta fifteen, Kunsthaus Göttingen will be transformed into a House of Paper, in which the participating artists will exhibit their works on various papers or demonstrate how the paper changes as the works of art develop over time.


As a contribution to printing futures, Dayanita Singh will transform her space at the Kunsthaus into a performance of her publication “Book Building” and all the concepts it contains. Part of her work will be to present this book to visitors and show them how they can transform their books into exhibitions. In parallel, she will work on three new books: “Museum of Tanpura”, “Museum of Dance” and “Pothi Khana”.


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25 Jun 2022