Polly Apfelbaum: Artist Talk

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Virtual Clay: 'Pennsylvania Modernism' going home
An OnDemand Online Lecture

12 January 2022


Polly Apfelbaum started working with Gregg Moore in August 2020, for an exhibition and residency at Arcadia University.


The show, “For the love of Una Hale”, will be in Feb 2022. Apfelbaum grew up 10 minutes from Arcadia and the show investigates the influence of Pennsylvania German culture on her work. There is an artist in particular whose work will also highlighted: David Ellinger. His drag persona was Una Hale.


“What has been particularly striking about this time is how the ceramics have become front and center. Due to covid we were given more time but also it’s hard to put into words but a lot is cooking. I just love what we are doing but also its allows me to really think about my life and work. There is pure joy for me in this collaboration.


The ceramics for the last 10 years have worked their way into the installations. I did ceramics seriously in hippy high schools but not until I took a class at Greenwich house pottery had I revisited ceramics. That was just a fluke, a friend asked me to join her. I loved it, the social part too. Alice Mackler, Joanne Greenbaum, a great group, once a week. Then I went off to American Academy in 2012, found a class in Rome...and the rest is ancient history. Judy Phaff loaned me a kiln…


So I hope to give a little history but mostly talk about the new ceramics/residency/exhibition.” – Polly Apfelbaum



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12 Jan 2022