Tacita Dean: Film Screening

Centro de Cultura Contemporània Barcelona, Xcèntric Cinema

6 November 2021, 7pm CEST

CCCB Xcèntric Cinema, The Auditorium 


Obsolete technology or cinema of vision?

This session, which includes the talk Cinema of Vision by the American professor, writer and film critic Tom Gunning as well as screening the film Kodak by Tacita Dean, aims to generate reflection through a dialogue with the other screenings and proposals for the 20th anniversary of Xcèntric.


Tacita Dean, Kodak, 2006.

16mm colour and black and white, optical sound, 44 minutes.

Throughout her work, Tacita Dean has dealt with themes such as anachronism, obsolescence and loss, taking an interest in things that are out of time or on the verge of disappearing but which once stood as visions of the future. The aesthetic qualities of film as a physical medium are fundamental to the work of this British artist, one of the foremost activists in the fight for the survival of analogue film.



6 Nov 2021