John Riddy: DongGang International Photo Festival

DongGang Museum of Photography Gallery, South Korea

DongGang International Photo Festival, 16 July–10 October 2021

John Riddy's has been selected as part of the 19th DongGang International Photo Festival in South Korea.


London (Herne Hill 1), 2017 and London (Herne Hill 2), 2017 are among the works included in the Main International Exhibition at the DongGang Museum of Photography which this year celebrates the excellence of British photography.


The Main International Exhibition reflects the core trends and issues of the contemporary photography world. This year’s edition features photographers who were trained in photo academies in the United Kingdom. The photo academies in the U.K. have long served as a powerhouse for the British photography and trained generations of photographers who are known for their empirical and realistic approaches to photography. Firmly basing their practices in the documentary-style tradition, British photographers leading the world of photography with their creative vibrance. In this exhibition, viewers will get a taste of the core characteristics of British photography.

The two works belong to a series consisting of large-scale colour photographs and present a tree local to Riddy’s studio, newly lit with led lighting. It is closely related to his long-standing determination to make photographs which chime with everyday urban experience.


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16 Jul 2021