Cornelia Parker: Solo Exhibition

Tate Britain, London

19 May–16 October 2022

Frith Street Gallery is delighted to announce a career-spanning exhibition of work by Cornelia Parker at Tate Britain, London opening May 2022.

Cornelia Parker has been concerned with formalising forces beyond our control, containing the volatile and transforming it into something that is quiet and contemplative. Through a combination of visual and verbal allusions, her work triggers cultural metaphors and personal associations, which allow the viewer to witness the transformation of everyday objects into something extraordinary.
The exhibition will include some of Parker’s best-known works, such as Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View (1991), a garden shed frozen at the moment of explosion, its fragments surrounding a single lightbulb, and Thirty Pieces of Silver (1988-89), a large-scale installation of suspended and flattened silver objects including teapots, candle sticks and dinnerware. Also on view will be the installation War Room (2015) and the 13-metre-long hand-embroidered Magna Carta (An Embroidery) (2015), as well as the artist’s films, drawings, prints and photographs. The retrospective will not be confined to the exhibition galleries but will enter into dialogue with Tate Britain’s historic collections too.



The Art Newspaper Podcast 

A brush with... Cornelia Parker

In anticipation of her upcoming exhibition at Tate Modern, Cornelia Parker is interviewed by Ben Luke for the Art Newspaper podcast A brush with... Cornelia Parker. 
Parker talks about her influences, including artists, writers, film-makers, composers and musicians, and the cultural experiences that have shaped her life and work. 
19 May 2022