Jaki Irvine and Locky Morris: Re_sett_ing_s

Void Gallery, Derry

4 March–3 June 2023


In October 2022, Re_sett_ing_s – a collaborative exhibition between Locky Morris and Jaki Irvine – opened at The Complex Gallery, Dublin. The artists, who are probably best known for working solo, were approached separately by Mark O'Gorman speculating on 'hidden connections'. Unbeknownst to him, they had a close friend in common, artist Anne Tallentire, whose Setting Out 3 (2021), with its yellow builder's string and hints at musicality, acted as a kind of starting point and touchstone for the development of the work. 



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Image: Installation view, Re_sett_ing_s, Void Gallery, Derry, 4 March–3 June 2023. Photo: Simon Mills
4 Mar 2023