Dorothy Cross: Kinship

University College Cork, Ireland

Dorothy Cross, in partnership with University College Cork (UCC), is delighted to announce her forthcoming project Kinship, which centres on the return of an Egyptian sarcophagus containing the mummified body of a man, which arrived in Ireland in 1914. It was given to University College Cork where it has been stored for over a century. Cross has worked alongside UCC for nearly three years, to secure the return of the mummy and sarcophagus to the Museum of Egyptology in Cairo.


Kinship is the ritualized journey of the mummy back to Egypt – his place of origin. The carrying of the body home is an act of return, almost an act of nature. It is a journey of respect, heavily symbolic and relevant today when millions of people on the planet are displaced and homeless. Like the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier the body represents all of us. Not just the return, Kinship incorporates the ripples of documentation that will come from this historic event. They will take the form of a feature length documentary, which has already begun, a visual art book and a large audio element. Hymns and ballads to life and death will resonate across the project as the sarcophagus journeys home.


Kinship follows on from Cross’ 2019 work, Heartship, both made in partnership with Mary Hickson and Sounds from A Safe Harbour Festival.



Learn more via the UCC website


8 Dec 2022