Daniel Silver: Chorus and the Walking Tables

CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

24 November 2022–21 January 2023


The starting point of Daniel Silver's new solo exhibition at CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo entitled 'Chorus and the Walking Tables',  is a set of 3rd-century CE funerary busts made of soft limestone from the Greco-Roman period, that was found in Beit She'an and is on permanent display at the archaeology wing of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Growing up in Jerusalem, the artist visited the Museum numerous times and his encounter with these busts has stayed with him since, becoming an important reference point in his artistic language.


In this new body of work, the artist continues to explore his interest in the human figure and modernism while also celebrating his deep connection to a place that has played a pivotal role in his development. This exhibition, therefore, brings about a new understanding of the notion of “site-specificity,” whereby the term can refer to a geographic site, but also to a place or a dwelling in the memory of the artist and, in turn, in the memory of the people who experience it.


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Thursday 24 November 2022

Artist Talk 7pm

Exhibition Opening 8pm


Accompany the opening event, Silver will present his artistic path through pivotal moments spread in the last twenty years. Accompanied by installation views of several institutional exhibitions, the talk will shed light on Silver’s connection to the history of sculpture, his fascination for archaeology, his relationship to the human figure and his use of natural and artificial materials. In the last part of his talk, he will delve into his last body of work, related to his childhood spent in Jerusalem and specifically in the archaeological wing of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.


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Daniel Silver: Chorus and the Walking Tables. Installation views CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo, 2022. Photos: Daniel Hanoch
24 Nov 2022