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    Tacita Dean
    Save this Language
    BBC Radio 4
    11.30am 17 April 2014

    Tacita Dean takes listeners with her on a mission to save a language. Not the kind that is spoken in a remote community, but an artistic one – photochemical film.

    She travels to UNESCO in Paris, to the Department of Intangible Cultural Heritage, to persuade the world’s heritage keepers to act fast or lose what she considers the most important form of artistic expression of the 20th century.

    As photochemical film heads for extinction, superseded by digital technologies, Tacita makes a compelling case for why people should do all they can to keep it alive.

    Presenter/ Tacita Dean, Producer/ Kate Bland for Cast Iron Radio & Recording


    Polly Apfelbaum
    Evergreen Blueshoes
    Burlington City Arts Center, Vermont
    18 April – 7 June 2014

    For the last twenty-five years, Polly Apfelbaum’s work has situated itself as a hybrid of painting, sculpture, and installation. exploring the intricacies of color, Apfelbaum weaves her way through ideas of Minimalism, Pop aesthetics, and Color Field painting to blur the lines between two and three dimensional art making. Evergreen Blueshoes, a reference to a late 60s psychedelic rock band, continues her investigation of counter culture and experimental alternatives to art making. Apfelbaum’s exhibition at BCA expands her interest in color, the horizontal plane, and blurring the distinctions between fine art and craft as she designs and produces finely woven rugs and wallpaper. Make sure you wear nice socks and be prepared to leave your shoes at the door as you make your way through the exhibition.

  • Dayanita Singh: Building the Book Museum, photography, language, form

    Building the Book Museum, photography, language, form
    A talk by Dayanita Singh
    6pm, Friday 11 April 2014
    National Museum Janpath, New Delhi

    Dayanita Singh will be discussing her latest installation, ‘Book Museum’ at the National Museum in New Delhi this Friday 11 April.

    Dayanita Singh represented Germany at the Venice Biennale in 2013. Her publications include Myself, Mona Ahmed (2001), Privacy (2003), Chairs (2005), Go Away Closer (2007), Sent a Letter (2008), Blue Book (2009), Dream Villa (2010), House of Love (2011) and File Room (2013). In 2014, she has come a full circle, displaying her Book Museum at the National Museum, where her mass-produced artist’s books become her work, housed in their specially built structures.

    Entry with Museum ticket.

  • Fiona Tan: Options & Futures. Rabo Kunstzone

    Fiona Tan
    Options & Futures
    Rabo Kunstzone, Croeselaan 18, Utrecht, Netherlands
    8 April – 19 September 2014

    In Options & Futures, Fiona Tan presents a powerful contemporary portrait of an era in which financial crisis has led to a questioning of basic socio-political and ideological values. For this multi-faceted, large-scale installation Tan travelled to Detroit (USA), Fukushima (Japan), Cork (Ireland) and Angers (France) in order to record the social decay and economic devastation that has spanned continents. Through a series of new video and sculptural works Tan presents us with a mapping of the complex feelings within herself, and the communities she encounters, at a time of turmoil where the ‘system’ and our governing bodies are no longer trusted.

    In making this work Tan has said: ‘My video camera will be my witness, my pen, my voice and my hands will give shape to this ongoing quest in search of a future by unravelling the present.’

  • Polly Apfelbaum at the Lumber Room

    Polly Apfelbaum: Colour Stations Portland
    16 March – 27 April 2014
    Lumber Room, Portland, Oregon

    Once requires and stimulates. It is where the artificial barriers that separate these communities are diminished or dissolved altogether. It is where the curtain is drawn permanently aside.
    It is where businesses are taught the tangible values of design; where designers are taught how to succeed as businesses; where government entities are taught how to take advantage of creative thinking;where designers learn and refine their craft.