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Golden Square

17-18 Golden Square, London W1F 9JJ
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  • The Gentle Waves ~ David Bussel

    Published in I-D the Gallery Issue, April 2002

  • Tacita Dean at Tate Britain

    Published in Vertigo, Spring 2002

  • Tower Power

    Published in Tate Britain, Spring 2002

  • One Minute in the Mind of Tacita Dean

    Published in The Independent, March 2002

  • Water, Water Everywhere... ~ Sue Hubbard

    Published in The Independent, February 2002

  • A Bright Star Sets Her Future Course ~ Paula Adamick

    Published in The Scotsman, February 2002

  • Making It by Faking It ~ Colin Gleadell

    Published in The Daily Telegraph, February 2002

  • Time and a Room with a World View ~ Louisa Buck

    Published in Evening Standard, February 2002

  • Tacita Dean ~ Jennifer Higgie

    Published in Frieze, November-December 1996

    The strongest presence in Tacita Dean’s exhibition ‘Foley Artist’ isn’t something you can see - it’s sound. In the Minimalist expanse of the gallery, eight discreetly placed speakers transmit eerily clear, but fractured, evocations of sea, storms, Shakespeare, romance and dark alleys. A small video monitor makes it apparent, however, that the noises aren’t ‘natural’ but generated by two middle-aged people in a studio. They are foley artists, and their job is to simulate sounds for the post-production of films.

  • Tacita Dean: Merce Cunningham's last dance

    Published in The Guardian , 2010-04-28 12:14 PM

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