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Golden Square

17-18 Golden Square, London W1F 9JJ
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  • Tacita Dean ~ Judith Rodenbeck

    Published in Modern Painters, Jul/Aug 2007

  • Golden Hours ~ Brian Dillon

    Published in The Dublin Review, Summer 2007

  • Tacita Dean ~ Declan Long

    Published in CIRCA, Summer 2007

    ‘Much of what is encountered in Tacita Dean’s art is stirringly elusive. Like Werner Herzog chasing mirages in his esoteric documentary Fata Morgana , or like Bas Jan Ader forever lost “in search of the miraculous,” Dean is consumed by mystery. She demonstrates lasting delight in traces, apparitions, transcendent possibilities, yet there is an inexorable drift towards distraction and disappointment; the prevailing tone is elegiac. Often, we are brought to the brink of revelation - we may even catch a glimpse of ardently sought-after marvels - only for the epiphanic moment and any sure grasp of its significance to instantly pass, to flicker into nothingness.’

  • Capturing tiny moments in time ~ Beth Kennedy

    Published in Metro, May 16 2007

  • Nuns on the catwalk ~ Maray Ann Kenny

    Published in Totally Dublin, May 2007

  • New Romantic ~ Jonathon Jones

    Published in The Guardian, 3 April 2007

    In terms of its emotional and intellectual impact, this a truly monumental work, and yet this is just a piece of paper pinned to the wall. Its sculptural strength and sublime Romantic impact (reminiscent of the art of Caspar David Friedrich, which, living in Berlin, Dean probably sees a lot of) come from actual aesthetic achievement.,,2048866,00.html

  • The last of the Kodak moments ~ Aidan Dunne

    Published in The Irish Times, March 20 2007

    ‘Tacita Dean’s preference for analogue over digital mediums betrays her love of obsolete technologies’

  • Tacita Dean: In Search Of Inspiration ~ Nick Coleman

    Published in The Independent on Sunday, 18 March 2007

  • Tacita ~ Jordan Bonfante

    Published in Art Auction, March 2007

  • The Traveller ~ Sarah Emily Miano

    Published in Saturday Guardian, February 10 2007

    Dean’s camera follows Hamburger as he goes about his business. Maybe he’s in his study, reading something, with the smoke curling over his shoulder. We sneak up behind him. The sound of his exhalations and the smacking of his lips are so poignant we can almost taste the tobacco burning his throat.

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