Marlene Dumas at Manifesta 10

Posted 9 July 2014

The State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg
28 June — 31 October 2014

Manifesta 10 will be in the Hermitage Museum on the Neva River in central St. Petersburg, Russia. The Manifesta Biennial was inspired by the changing European constellation of 1989-91, and was initiated in order to take advantage and expand upon the increased artistic exchange made possible by these events. Now Manifesta will look back and take stock. St. Petersburg is suited for this reflection because of its former status as cultural capital of Russia and "gateway" to the West. The uniqueness of the Hermitage—a palace complex with extraordinary collections and inspired visitors—lends itself in a most unusual way to looking at varied moments in art history (local and global, recent and archaic). Manifesta 10 will explore gaps, propose ways to take advantage of them, and encourage personal aesthetic experience among the social buzz of the visitors.

Marlene Dumas' project Great Men is a series of 16 portraits which will be exhibited in St. Petersburg, Russia, as part of Manifesta 10, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art.
Great Men is one of 55 artworks by living and dead European contemporary artists that will be exhibited in and around the State Hermitage as part of the 10th Manifesta.

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Marlene Dumas at Manifesta 10