Polly Apfelbaum: The Greenhouse

Atelier Amden, Switzerland

21 May–26 June 2022

Opening Day | Saturday 21 May 2–5pm


Polly Apfelbaum’s debut at the Amden Atelier was her show called Haunted House in 2011. The American artist is now returning with The Greenhouse, an installation composed of images of plants that she extracted from a seed catalogue in her father’s estate. She explains:


'The installation is based on a picture collection for the seed trade, a catalog published in Vaduz in 1959. I inherited the book from my father, whose family was in the seed business. My first installation at the Amden Atelier was a book based on the idea of a haunted house. This is an installation based on a greenhouse. The book’s beautiful photographs of flowers and vegetables were on seed packets. Its ‘four color photo-mechanical offset’ and the color photos were ‘taken under the supervision of experts on the proof-fields of the best seed growers in Europe’. Each page has 4, 6 or 8 images but we're going to make each image a page. The pages will all be hung throughout the barn, creating a greenhouse.'


(The Amden Atelier)



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21 May 2022