Woman as Protagonist: The Art of Nancy Spero, 1993 - Audiovisual

Woman as Protagonist: The Art of Nancy Spero, 1993

2 June 2020 – 8 June 2020

Estate of Nancy Spero

This 45-minute video documentary is a journey through Spero’s life: from her years as an art student in Chicago’s Art Institute, her life in Paris, through her anti-Vietnam War work, and her mural work of the late 1980s and 1990s. As part of the research for this documentary, Irene Sosa shot the artist at work in projects in Smith College in Massachusetts; Madrid, Spain; and in Derry, Northern Ireland. The piece took five years in the making and involved a lot of biographical and archival research; and many hours of shooting photographs, paintings, and other material. It was edited by Lise Engel who captured the rhythm of the artist’s work; and includes music composed especially for the piece by Betsy McClelland.

This documentary is currently on view at Nancy Spero Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk, Denmark, now extended until 21 June.


Editor: Lise Engle

Original music: A.E. McClelland

Producer and director: Irene Sosa

Image on previous page: Nancy Spero with Irene Sosa in Paris 1994.

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