Time Without Clocks - Fiona Tan: Linnaeus' Flower Clock, 1998 - Audiovisual

Time Without Clocks - Fiona Tan: Linnaeus' Flower Clock, 1998

14 April 2020 – 20 April 2020

Fiona Tan

Time Without Clocks: A Selection of Short Video Works

Something has happened to my sense of time. In these strange days of social distance and relative isolation I have trouble discerning what day it is. Events from just a few days past can feel like months ago, and yet things which happened years ago feel like yesterday. Working in my garden at home offers me solace, reminding me of what Derek Jarman wrote in Modern Nature: ‘The gardener digs in another time, without past or future, beginning or end. A time that does not cleave the day with rush hours, lunch breaks, the last bus home.’

For this special programme during the Covid 19 restrictions I have chosen a selection of my works which deal with time and memory. Study for Provenance and Linnaeus’ Flower Clock are highly personal works; the first is a silent portrait of my own children filmed over a decade ago, while the second could perhaps be described as a love letter I wrote to their father. Finally Nellie is a homage to Rembrandt van Rijn’s forgotten daughter Cornelia, who emigrated to Indonesia at the age of sixteen. The physical presence of a work, its scale and presentation in the gallery space is extremely important to me. But with museums and galleries currently closed, I have agreed to this online programme for this coming week.

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Fiona Tan

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Study for Provenance

digital installation (2008)

b&w, silent, 3 min. 7 sec. loop

lcd monitor 17”, media player, digital file, mount

Linnaeus' Flower Clock

video (1998)

colour, tinted, stereo, 17 min.

monitor 27”, media player, video file, amplifier, stereo speakers


video installation (2013)

colour, stereo, 3 min. 9 sec. loop

rear projection screen, video projector, media player, video file, amplifier, stereo speakers,

dimensions variable

All works courtesy Fiona Tan and Frith Street Gallery, London

© Fiona Tan. All rights reserved. No part of these works may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

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