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Tacita Dean: Event for a Stage, 2015

7 April 2020 – 13 April 2020

Tacita Dean

'Event for a Stage’ is a 16mm film I made in 2015 with the actor Stephen Dillane. I normally project the work as film inside galleries and museums, and occasionally cinemas. I have always been steadfast about showing my films in the medium with which they were made and were always intended to be shown. I have therefore never allowed them to be streamed online or ever projected digitally. Film is a very different way of making and seeing a work, and over the years, I have campaigned to keep photochemical mediums available to artists and filmmakers, and I have found that I have done this best this by continuing to make and show my works in and on film.

‘Event for a Stage’ is on show in my closed exhibition in EMMA in Espoo, Finland. Because it is a work with an emotional trajectory that is best seen from start to finish, I decided it was the best work to make available online for a week in this special programme during these days of Covid 19 lockdown. Please try and watch it from start to finish and ideally with headphones.

Tacita Dean, April 3, 2020, Berlin.

Event for a Stage, 2015

16mm colour film, optical sound, 50 minutes

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Actor: Stephen Dillane

Director of Photography: Jamie Cairney

Camera Operator: Tom Wright

Focus Puller: Chris Connatty

Focus Puller: Cate Smierciak

Lighting Designer: Nicholas Rayment

Sound Designer: Hayley Forward

Film Technical Assistant: Emma Sullivan

Assistant: Cleo Walker

Artistic Director: Juliana Engberg

Performance Curator: Rosie Fisher

Production Manager: Josh Green

ABC RN Audio Technician: Mark Don

Stage Manager: Samantha Morrison

Make up & Wigs: Dennis Adolphe

Wigs & Dressing: Opera Australia, Lyn Heal and Stefanie Paglialonga

Equipment hire: Panavision, Paul Jackson and Brian Flexmore; Gear Head; Norwest Productions

Rushes: Neglab, Sydney; DeJonghe Film Postproduction, Kortrijk

Editor: Tacita Dean

Sound Editor: James Harrison

Neg Cut: Steve Farman

Printed by: FotoKem, California

Originated on: Kodak Motion Picture Film

Co-commissioned by: Carriageworks and the 19th Biennale of Sydney in Association with ABC RN

With additional support of: Frith Street Gallery, London and Marian Goodman Gallery, New York/Paris

Thanks to: Katie Mitchell; Thomas Oberender; Juliana Engberg; Lisa Havilah; Marah Braye; Gina Hall; Talia Linz; Anita Tscherne; Thomas Demand; Jennifer Kuwabara; Samuel Hodge; Zan Wimberley; Werner Winkelmann; Michelle Healey/Carcanet Press; Dale McFarland, Jane Hamlyn, Rose Lord and Marian Goodman, Mathew & Rufus Hale.

Special thanks to: Stephen Dillane

Original performances filmed between 1st-4th May 2014 at Carriageworks, Sydney.

Reading from ‘On the Marionette Theatre’, Heinrich von Kleist, 1810. Adapted from a translation by Idris Parry in Hand to Mouth and Other Essays, Carcanet Press, 1981.

© Tacita Dean. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

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