Dayanita Singh: Mona and Myself, 2013 - Audiovisual

Dayanita Singh: Mona and Myself, 2013

16 June 2020 – 22 June 2020

Mona and Myself is the strongest portrait I ever made, and it is not even a still photograph.

I had been photographing Mona for 25 years, published a book even, and yet a short video is more her portrait than any one image, or even the entire book.

Mona has been an immense influence on my life, and a challenge. She always had a unique point of view on all things. I learned so much from her, and when I saw the video projected in the German Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2013, she seemed finally to be what had alluded all my photography, like an oracle. She too wept when she saw the video, and realised that it was something more than all our decades of photography.

And in a strange coincidence (there were many with Mona) I was on the vaporetto from Zattere to Guidecca in Venice in 2018 when I spoke to Mona for the last time. She passed away while we were on the phone. As her nephew said, even in death she waited for the camera to make a record.

Dayanita Singh

Mona and Myself 2013

Moving still image

3 min 45 secs, looped

Dimensions variable

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