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Image of: Colour Sessions
  • Polly Apfelbaum
  • Colour Sessions [Detail, Colour Sessions, 2013], 2013
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Polly Apfelbaum

Colour Sessions

7 November 2014 – 20 December 2014

Golden Square

In 2013 Polly Apfelbaum was awarded a residency at The American Academy in Rome. The works exhibited here grew out of the artist’s experience in that city and in particular her fascination with the drapery and coloured fabrics depicted in Renaissance and Baroque paintings which she saw there. The series started out as a constantly changing studio installation with large squares of loosely draped fabric punctuated by hanging beads. The artist describes them as having an improvisational quality; like a musician improvising on a theme. Hence the title “Colour Sessions.”

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Image of: Silver, Works by Gallery Artists 1989-2014
  • Silver, Works by Gallery Artists 1989-2014 [Thomas Schütte, Platinum Sketch Nr 5, 2014; Juan Uslé, Malhereux, 1993]
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Works by Gallery Artists 1989 - 2014

17 October 2014 – 17 December 2014

Soho Square

To celebrate our 25th anniversary, Frith Street Gallery is delighted to announce the reopening of our original space at 60 Frith Street, Soho Square, where the gallery first operated in 1989. Since opening, Frith Street Gallery has emerged as one of the art world’s most interesting forces, instrumental in developing the careers of internationally renowned figures as well as supporting those at earlier stages of their career. The reopening of the space marks our achievements to date and our quarter century. 

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