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Press from 2014

  • ‘Palermo’ features gritty views of the historic central city ~ Steve Bennett

    Published in San Antonio Express-News, November 2014

    Riddy’s photographs — cobblestone street scenes and alleys with parked compact cars, boats on the beach, a park with a gnarly 100-year-old tree near the marina — have extraordinary focus and depth of field that creates a gritty texture, a sheer density of detail, that requires prolonged study. It’s easy to fall into one of Riddy’s images.

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  • VIDEO: Polly Apfelbaum Brings Roman Chic to London

    Published in Blouin Artinfo, November 2014

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  • Irish Museum exhibition is a real treasure trove of modern art ~ Alan O'Riordan

    Published in Irish Examiner, November 2014

    The show, Trove, is the result of Cross being let play the magpie among the collections of several national cultural institutions: the National Museum, the Natural History Museum, the National Gallery, the Crawford Gallery in Cork and IMMA itself.


    “That idea of vulnerability is one thing I am very interested in and which has come through in this,” she continues. “The fact that these museums maintain things that otherwise would have been lost or maybe found in your attic, that is very important. But what we usually see is perfection, in a museum, something conserved to perfection. We don’t normally see any cracks. But I was very keen to show that.”

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  • Fiona Tan: Wako Works of Art ~ Dawn Chan

    Published in Artforum, November 2014

    Nicknames, for the most part, arise from familiarity, even intimacy. As such, the pet name “Nellie,” which gives the title to a 2013 video by Fiona Tan, is a wry foil to the work’s flaxen-haired cipher of a subject. Loosely based on Rembrandt’s illegitimate daughter Cornelia van Rijn, Tan’s preteen protagonist remains unknowable throughout the video, her inner life anyone’s best guess, as she poses her way through a sequence of successive indoor vignettes, pale-skinned and beatific, her gown a blue-and-white patterned chintz.

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  • Dorothy’s art gives death new lease of life ~ Declan McGuire

    Published in Connacht Tribune, October 2014

    Her work is beautiful, surreal and often challenging but nothing is done to shock or be grotesque, she says. In person, she is warm and quirky and that’s reflected in the art, where there’s a sense of mischief and gentle humour.

    “There has to be,” says Cork-born Dorothy who lives just outside Tully Cross in Connemara, with seas, mountains and islands on her doorstep.

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  • Go Away Closer: Dayanita Singh at the MMK in Frankfurt

    Published in Deutsche Bank ArtMag, October 2014

    She is one of the most important photographers worldwide. Again and again, Dayanita Singh calls the conventions of her medium into question. Now, the MMK in Frankfurt presents a major show of the Indian artist’s work, which an entire floor in the Deutsche Bank Towers is dedicated to. Singh’s work is also included in the exhibition “Time Present” currently touring through Asia, which brings together international photo works from the Deutsche Bank Collection.

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  • Raqs Media Collective: FRITH STREET GALLERY ~ Himali Singh Soin

    Published in Artforum Critics' Picks, October 2014

    A pitch-black clock, The Ecliptic, 2014, holds pride of place in Raqs Media Collective’s current exhibition, “Corrections to the First Draft of History.” Replacing numbers, one half of the clock bears the word TIME, while on the other half, the words FREE, FOLD, FIGURE, FUN, FIX, and FREEZE alternatingly light up. The alliteration provides rhythm and a sense of repetition but also brings to mind the F-word: future.

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  • Marlene Dumas show at the Stedelijk, Amsterdam ~ Rachel Spence

    Published in Financial Times, October 2014

    A survey of works by the South-African born artist gives reason to why she is perhaps the world’s most interesting figure painter.

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  • Fiona Banner: sculptures from a non-sculptor ~ Louisa Buck

    Published in The Telegraph, September 2014

    But the exhibition’s real show stopper is “Chinook”, Banner’s ambitious revisiting of her ambivalent obsession with military hardware. Suspended inside the vast, hangar-like space of YSP’s Longfield Gallery are two huge pairs of helicopter blades that rotate overhead, gathering speed to a whipping crescendo, before gradually slowing down to near motionlessness and then again beginning to gather momentum in a way that, although appearing to be random, is in fact in a carefully programmed sequence.

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  • Chinooks away: Fiona Banner’s terrifying homage to a helicopter ~ Jonathan Jones

    Published in The Guardian, September 2014

    How do you translate the world into words? What is the relationship between language and sensory experiences? Banner turns such apparently dry philosophical musings into exciting, intense, funny art.

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