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Press from 2010

  • Ingrid Calame: The Exhibitionist ~ Maureen Davidson

    Published in, 15 December 2010

    The artist painstakingly traces the outlines of these layers upon transparent sheets of Mylar, kneeling on the sidewalks, asphalt roadways and industrial lots. In the studio, she integrates these tracings into a single Mylar layer using different colored pencils to achieve potentially vast drawings that could well be topographical maps. But the crisp cleanness of the Mylar, the even, elegant pencil lines in two or three radiant colors, is obviously a repository for more than geographical information. Each color appears to have a direction, and within the empty mazes of lines there appears an occasional recognizable outline. In fact the artist often integrates tracings from different locations to achieve a beautifully crafted composite that represents an impossible geographic confluence. 

    In the paintings—here oil on aluminum—the artist begins with tracings, then fills in the outlines with intense color in a limited but vibrant palette.

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  • Fiona Banner: This artist is, in a word, brilliant ~ Charles Darwent

    Published in The Independent, November 2010

    Banner’s art has always concerned itself with systems, and this new work is no exception. In particular, it is about the separation of words and images. “Ut pictura poesis,” said Horace – roughly, let writing and pictures be the same – and yet they are seen as different, in some way inimical to each other. Not so to Banner.

    She has, in the past, blown up Times New Roman commas into waist-high bronze sculptures. Upstairs at her new show, a piece called 1066 re-enacts the Bayeux Tapestry in words: “The guy’s down on the ground, arrow in the side of his face. Another takes one in the hand, cries like a beast as he pulls it out.” Banner’s mural both describes the Battle of Hastings and depicts it, one army of words overprinting the other. History, as Orwell said, is written by winners. Words may be pictorial, they may even be beautiful, but they can never be neutral.

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  • Polly Apfelbaum ~ Nancy Princenthal

    Published in Art in America, November 2010

    Flat and either squarish or roughly round, the irresistibly appealing “Feelies” were shown on sheets of wax paper laid atop low, wall-hugging corrugated cardboard shelves. They suggested pint-size Thomas Nozkowskis or Mary Heilmanns—or potholders made by a preternaturally gifted preschooler.

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  • Giuseppe Penone: 100 Words ~ Elizabeth Mangini

    Published in Artforum , October 2010

  • Fiona Tan: Cloud Island ~ Ossian Ward

    Published in Time Out, October 2010

    Narrative is but one softly spoken weapon in Fiona Tan’s disarming armoury, but she knows how to weave a magical tale or two. A short audio piece translates a Dutch fable about an Irish monk’s nine-year journey to ‘Brendan’s Isle’, a mystical, blessed rock, only to return home the minute he lands. Needless to say, no one ever finds it again - it’s a construct about mental space, rather than a physical place.

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  • Tacita Dean: Craneway Event ~ David Ryan

    Published in Art Monthly , October 2010

    The ‘Craneway Event’ of Dean’s film took place on the West Coast, in a magnificent Albert Kahn building from the 1930s. A ford assembly plant until 1955, it overlooks San Francisco bay, with three sides of the building glazed in order to maximise the light. Dean filmed the rehearsals over three days, including all initial preparations up to the final dress rehearsal. This raised various important questions for the film project: the absence of music (as in most Cunningham productions, the music is rehearsed separately from the dance, sharing only a broad, overall time structure), though not sound; and the issue of the edit - that is, how to condense the span of the rehearsals into smaller time period without being either conventional or overly ‘arty’ ( in fact admirably realised by Dean)

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  • DAYANITA SINGH: Postcards from the Edge ~ Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi

    Published in Time Magazine , October 2010

    Her most recent work, Dream Villa, elaborates on this same glacial stupefaction, featuring streets and curious urban abstractions shot at night. There is darkness here, and the ineffable disquiet of great, harrowing art.,9171,2022544,00.html

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  • FIONA TAN: Willing Subjects, Resistant Souls ~ Matthew Guy Nichols

    Published in Art in America, September 2010

    Projection was one of three works featured in Tan’s recent solo show. Fittingly, it is also the first video that visitors encounter in “Fiona Tan: Rise and Fall,” an exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery of seven films and video installations made over the past five years. Organized by senior curator Bruce Grenville, the show demonstrates Tan’s abiding interest in portraiture, her thoughtful interrogation of the genre’s traditional modes and limitations, and her inventive use of film and video technology to deepen our understanding of her subjects’ identities.

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  • TACITA DEAN: CRANEWAY Event Review ~ Gilda Williams

    Published in ARTFORUM, September 2010

    In Craneway Event, an art practice that combines in an unprecedented way moving and still images to capture a late-modernist culture on the brink of disappearing. In today’s culture, unable to preserve the relics-both mortal and architectural-of the last century, Dean’s film offers another means of reclaiming and displaying overlapping moments of our recent past.

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  • Dayanita Singh: dream Work - The ongoing life of images ~ Sabeena Gadihoke

    Published in the Telegraph, Culcutta, August 2010

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