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Press from 2006

  • Fiona Tan ~ Laura Cumming

    Published in The Observer, 31 December 2006

    Related Artists: Fiona Tan

  • Under the Carpet ~ Anna Sansom

    Published in DAMN, Dec/Jan 2007

  • Cornelia Parker ~ John Tozer

    Published in Art Monthly, November 2006

    Related Artists: Cornelia Parker

  • Callum Innes, Fruitmarket Gallery ~ Lesso Rosie

    Published in Art Monthly, November 2006

    There are moments of pure physical pleasure and spatial seduction to be found in Innes’s raw surfaces. The imagination may wander and make comparisons with landscapes, yet we are reaching for a world within a flat plane, which Innes continuously reminds us by forcing the process towards us in his literal titles.

    Related Artists: Callum Innes

  • Fiona Tan: Short Voyages ~ Sarah Kent

    Published in Time Out, October 18-25 2006

    Related Artists: Fiona Tan

  • Films for people who don’t like video art ~ Marcus Field

    Published in The Independent, October 2006

    Another video maker who knows how to grab our attention is the Indonesian artist Fiona Tan. Of the new works in her current show, two pieces stand out. The Changelingis a two-channel work in which, one by one, around 200 vintage sepia images of Japanese schoolgirls appear on the first screen while on a second screen, a single inscrutable face of a girl is picked out.

    Related Artists: Fiona Tan

  • Photography explores changing cities in UTC public arts project ~ Cities in Transition

    Published in United Technologies, 18 September 2006

    Related Artists: Dayanita Singh

  • As exciting as daytime TV ~ Laura Cumming

    Published in The Observer, September 2006

    Tan’s art is beautiful, pensive and almost exclusively in the form of portraits that take, unusually for this often clueless medium, a genuine interest in the humanity of the subjects.

    Related Artists: Fiona Tan

  • Who’s who at London Frith Street Gallery ~ Rowan Kerek

    Published in online, September 2006

    Fiona Tan’s video installation, The Changeling, is elegantly simple, deceptively so. Caught up in a fictional woman’s musings you’re cast into her memories of being one of these quiet-looking tidy girls, any of them; does it matter which?

    Related Artists: Fiona Tan

  • Tarzan & Jane: Illusions: Doug Aitken and Tacita Dean

    Published in Domas, September 2006

    Related Artists: Tacita Dean

  • In Basel,  Contemporary Art Enjoys a Bounty of Friends ~ Roberta Smith

    Published in New York Times, July 6 2006

    Related Artists: Tacita Dean

  • Annelies Strba

    Published in Frame, July - August 2006

  • Fiona Banner ~ John Quin

    Published in Contemporary 21, 2006 ( issue 85 p. 28-31 )

    Related Artists: Fiona Banner

  • Tacita Dean ~ John Quin

    Published in Contemporary, 2006 ( Issue 83 )

    Related Artists: Tacita Dean

  • The Body of the Text ~ Nancy Princenthal

    Published in Art in America, June-July 2006;col1

    Related Artists: Fiona Banner

  • Mysterious Skin: An Encounter With Marlene Dumas ~ Oliver Korner

    Published in Deutsche Bank Visuell, June 2006

    Related Artists: Marlene Dumas

  • Back to the Future: Tacita Dean and the new Nostalgia ~ Brian Dillon

    Published in Modern Painters, June 2006

    Related Artists: Tacita Dean

  • Fiona Banner ~ Maria Walsh

    Published in Art Monthly, June 2006

    Related Artists: Fiona Banner

  • Fiona Banner ~ Five Best Exhibitions

    Published in The Independent, June 2006

    Related Artists: Fiona Banner

  • Fiona Banner at Tracy Williams Ltd. ~ Lisa Pasquariello

    Published in Artforum, Summer 2006 ( No.10 p. 348-349 )

    Related Artists: Fiona Banner

  • Fiona Banner ~ Martin Coomer

    Published in Time Out, 24 May 2006 ( p. 41 )

    Related Artists: Fiona Banner

  • Cornelia Parker & Rob Smith ~ Helen Sumpter

    Published in Time Out: London, May 2006

    Related Artists: Cornelia Parker

  • Tacita Dean. From far away, from nearby ~ Emanuela De Cecco

    Published in Passaggi a Sud Est, March - April 2006

    Related Artists: Tacita Dean

  • Fiona Banner: Nude ~ Roberta Smith

    Published in The New York Times, April 2006

    In her latest works, the British artist Fiona Banner presents her own eccentric version of drawing from life. These works involve a lot of language, as might be expected from someone known for written, billboard-sized blow-by-blow accounts of the action in movies like ‘‘Lawrence of Arabia,’’ ‘‘Top Gun’’ and ‘‘Don’t look back”.

    Related Artists: Fiona Banner

  • Fiona Banner ~ Adam Mendelsohn

    Published in Time Out New York, April 2006

    Related Artists: Fiona Banner

  • Fiona Banner: NUDE/PARADE ~ Agenda: Shows New York

    Published in Wallpaper, April 2006

    Related Artists: Fiona Banner

  • Fiona Banner Preview ~ Jessica Lack

    Published in Guardian Guide, April 2006

    Related Artists: Fiona Banner

  • Juan Uslé ~ Martin Coomer

    Published in Time Out: London, March 2006

    Related Artists: Juan Uslé

  • Jaki Irvine, The Irish Museum of Art ~ Niamh Ann Kelly

    Published in Art Monthly, March 2006

    The protagonists and situations of these short video loops make compelling viewing. Deer are among the most stately and elegant of forest creatures, their significance rich in mythological connotation and aesthetic awe. Bats, whose presence is protected in Ireland, also induce much imaginative suggestion.

    Related Artists: Jaki Irvine

  • The AI Interview: Fiona Banner ~ Joao Ribas

    Published in ARTINFO.COM, March 2006

    Related Artists: Fiona Banner

  • Polly Apfelbaum ~ Jan Avgikos

    Published in Artforum, March 2006

    Trends in contemporary art come and go with brisk regularity, yet pushing the boundaries between painting and sculpture is a perennial fascination. Polly Apfelbaum surfs this never-breaking wave with consummate skill, making “bi-formalism” a leitmotif of her floor-bound fabric installations, which have sometimes been referred to as “fallen paintings”.

    Related Artists: Polly Apfelbaum

  • Polly Apfelbaum ~ Hilarie M Sheets

    Published in Artnews, March 2006 ( p 131 )

    Related Artists: Polly Apfelbaum

  • Jaki Irvine, Frith Street Gallery ~ Martin Herbert

    Published in ArtForum, January 2006

    Related Artists: Jaki Irvine

  • Juan Uslé Reinterprets the Col-leccio d’Art Contemporani de la Fundacio La Caixa ~ Patricia Alvarez

    Published in Canal Cultura, January 2006

    Related Artists: Juan Uslé

  • Painting

    Published in Les Punxes, January 2006

    Related Artists: Juan Uslé