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Press relating to Raqs Media Collective

  • Art the antidote to political poison at Shanghai Biennale ~ Lisa Movius

    Published in The Art Newspaper, November 2016

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  • Raqs Media Collective: “Why Not Ask Again?” 11th Shanghai Biennale ~ Xin Wang

    Published in Art Agenda, November 2016“why-not-ask-again”-11th-shanghai-biennale/

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  • Raqs Media Collective: ArtReview 2016 Power 100

    Published in ArtReview, October 2016

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  • Raqs Media Collective get philosophical for 2016 Shanghai Biennale ~ Lisa Movius

    Published in The Art Newspaper, September 2016

    Shanghai’s Power Station of Art has released the final plans for the 11th Shanghai Biennale, curated by the Delhi-based artist group Raqs Media Collective. “We are curating to the tune of an attitude. We want a show that is alive to the wisdom of the philosopher, the energy of the skeptic and the enthusiasm of the amateur,” says Raqs member Monica Nerula.

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  • Raqs Media Collective: Epiphany and Escape ~ Amelia Groom

    Published in Neue Luxury, July 2016

    Time makes a mockery of objects. It gnaws away at them, strips them bare, loses them. Objects are cracked, faded, dissolved, forgotten, deformed, renamed, undone—all in time. When artists set out to make objects that visualise time itself, they risk turning time into space and thereby losing its temporal essence, its movements and contingencies. The New Delhi-based artists Monica Narula, Jeebesh Bagchi and Shuddhabrata Sengupta of Raqs Media Collective have been dealing with questions about time and history for several decades now, producing works that reconfigure normative conceptions of linear time, and call into question its figuration and homogenisation in our modern timekeeping devices.

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  • Global Entry: Okwui Enwezor talks with Michelle Kuo about the 56th Venice Biennale

    Published in Artforum, May 2015 ( Vol. 53, No. 9 85 )

    Raqs Media Collective’s large-scale sculptural installation, which will be in the Giardini, deals with something that is very, very powerful and yet is known to very few people. They are trying to rethink a space on the outskirts of New Delhi called Coronation Park. The project consists of a work in two parts, based on a series of statues of members of the British Raj—including a monumental statue of George V—which were scattered all around New Delhi. After Indian independence in 1947, they were gathered by the new government of Nehru and brought to their current location, a park where King George had been proclaimed the emperor of India in 1911. The work incorporates excerpts from George Orwell’s essay “Shooting an Elephant,” a text about imperial hubris and absurdity. It manifests precisely the kind of historical layering so central to this exhibition, and I think it will look amazing in the Giardini.

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  • Raqs Media Collective: FRITH STREET GALLERY ~ Himali Singh Soin

    Published in Artforum Critics' Picks, October 2014

    A pitch-black clock, The Ecliptic, 2014, holds pride of place in Raqs Media Collective’s current exhibition, “Corrections to the First Draft of History.” Replacing numbers, one half of the clock bears the word TIME, while on the other half, the words FREE, FOLD, FIGURE, FUN, FIX, and FREEZE alternatingly light up. The alliteration provides rhythm and a sense of repetition but also brings to mind the F-word: future.

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  • Artist of the Week: Raqs Media Collective ~ Skye Sherwin

    Published in, 22 March 2012

    The Delhi-based trio Raqs Media Collective are Jeebesh Bagchi, Monica Narula and Shuddhabrata Sengupta. To describe them as artists doesn’t quite cut it. They make videos, high-tech objects, installations and online projects exploring a world reshaped by globalisation, from the blazing lights of India’s rapaciously evolving cities to the shabby gloom of a Tyneside dock. Since they founded Sarai, their Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, in Delhi in 2000, they’ve reached far beyond art’s usual bounds, developing media projects with local communities, conducting urban research, editing a journal and curating international exhibitions.

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  • FIVE FOR 2009

    Published in artasiapacific, January 2010

    Revered in international art circles, the New Delhi-based trio Raqs Media Collective are recognized as unique cultural figures, simultaneously researchers, documentary filmmakers and new-media artists. Since their introduction to the art world in 2002’s documenta 11, Raqs have pursued cross-disciplinary interests, which remains evident in their slide-and video-illustrated-performances, such as those given in New York’s New Museum and Hong Kong nonprofit Asia Art Archive.

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  • Raqs Media Collective ~ Kathy Noble

    Published in Frieze, October 2009

    Raqs Media Collective are self-styled critics and polemicists of the globalized world, urbanization and political representation, making work that is multi-facited and hyperactive, including installation, exhibitions (most recently a section of Manifesta 7) and publications. ‘Escapement’ (2009), their installation at Frith Street Gallery, comprised 27 clocks, each allocated to a city and the hands set to their respective time zones. However the clock hands marked emotions rather than time - epiphany, anxiety, duty, guilt, indifference, awe, fatigue, nostalgia, ecstasy, fear, panic, remorse - as if each city was on a nietzschean treadmill, doomed to an eternal return of extreme feeling.

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