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  • Frieze week highlights: Smoking with Hockney and Tacita Dean ~ Fatema Ahmed

    Published in Apollo Magazine, September 2016

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  • Raqs Media Collective get philosophical for 2016 Shanghai Biennale ~ Lisa Movius

    Published in The Art Newspaper, September 2016

    Shanghai’s Power Station of Art has released the final plans for the 11th Shanghai Biennale, curated by the Delhi-based artist group Raqs Media Collective. “We are curating to the tune of an attitude. We want a show that is alive to the wisdom of the philosopher, the energy of the skeptic and the enthusiasm of the amateur,” says Raqs member Monica Nerula.

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  • Tacita Dean review – cloudy confessions and Hockney on camera ~ Adrian Searle

    Published in The Guardian, September 2016

    We see Hockney in profile, and across a low table, and stooping to read something on the cabinet that lines a wall of his studio. At one point, he erupts into a cackling laugh, saying something about enjoying smoking, but the words are distorted in the echo of the studio – and in the basement of Frith Street Gallery where the film is being screened. There is only me here, and Dean’s clattering film projector, running the endless loop.

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  • Eyes on the prize: the must-see art and design of autumn 2016 ~ Adrian Searle, Jonathan Jones , Sean O'Hagan and Oliver Wainwright

    Published in The Guardian, August 2016

    Daphne Wright: Emotional Archaeology at National Trust, Tyntesfield, Somerset and Arnolfini, Bristol; Tacita Dean: LA Exuberance at Frith Street Gallery, Golden Square; Neon: The Charged Line at Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool featuring work by Fiona Banner.

    Related artists: Daphne Wright , Fiona Banner , Tacita Dean
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  • Raqs Media Collective: Epiphany and Escape ~ Amelia Groom

    Published in Neue Luxury, July 2016

    Time makes a mockery of objects. It gnaws away at them, strips them bare, loses them. Objects are cracked, faded, dissolved, forgotten, deformed, renamed, undone—all in time. When artists set out to make objects that visualise time itself, they risk turning time into space and thereby losing its temporal essence, its movements and contingencies. The New Delhi-based artists Monica Narula, Jeebesh Bagchi and Shuddhabrata Sengupta of Raqs Media Collective have been dealing with questions about time and history for several decades now, producing works that reconfigure normative conceptions of linear time, and call into question its figuration and homogenisation in our modern timekeeping devices.

    Related artists: Raqs Media Collective

  • History’s Future review – poetic piece with exceptional facial hair ~ Andrew Pulver

    Published in The Guardian, June 2016

    With its quizzical title, rewind-effect opening, and collage structure, this film from artist Fiona Tan is a confident feature debut that isn’t afraid to put complex ideas on screen along with an assured visual sense.

    Related artists: Fiona Tan

  • Found art: Cornelia Parker and Jarvis Cocker share their spoils ~ Charlotte Higgins

    Published in The Guardian, May 2016

    The tooth of a sperm whale, a street sign to a ghost village, issues of Romania Today … Cornelia Parker’s new show is a treasure trove of finds chanced upon by everyone from Jarvis Cocker to Marina Warner.

    Related artists: Cornelia Parker

  • Opening this week: Massimo Bartolini ~ Robert Clark

    Published in The Guardian, May 2016 ( 33 )

    The artist presents a sensuously evocative installation including a plaintive violin soundtrack, the aroma of Toscano cigars and a sculptural reproduction of Golden Square’s George II statue, now forlornly resting on its side. London is far from short of neo-Situationist drifters or opportunistic psychogeographers, yet few pierce the smog of cultural forgetting with such aesthetic taste.

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  • London Round-up: Anna Barriball at Frith Street Gallery

    Published in Art Monthly, May 2016 ( No. 396 28-29 )

    In 1970 Robert Motherwell wrote that, in the humanism of abstraction, ‘you don’t have to paint a figure in order to express human feelings…states of feeling, when generalised, become questions of light, colour, weight, solidity, airiness, lyricism, sombreness, heaviness, strength’. His words have their echo in the robust and intense, quietly disclosive drawings of Anna Barriball at Frith Street Gallery.

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  • Atop the Met, a Haunting House ~ Roberta Smith

    Published in The New York Times, April 2016

    “Transitional Object (PsychoBarn)” is more forthright, and accepts gravity. It is a classic haunted house known not only from “Psycho” but from American horror movies in general, as well as the deliciously macabre Charles Addams cartoons. It can startle, whether you see it on the Met’s roof or spy it from a Central Park walkway. The park view may be the more disturbing. Instead of simple Surrealist displacement, the structure seems more truly like an apparition, a ghostly reminder of 19th-century America’s once-thriving towns and small cities.

    Related artists: Cornelia Parker

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