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News – Polly Apfelbaum

  • Polly Apfelbaum: L’art dans les chapelles

    Polly Apfelbaum: L’art dans les chapelles

    L’art dans les chapelles
    Chapelle Saint-Jean, Le Sourn, France
    7 July – 17 September 2017

    This installation in the Chapelle Saint-Jean is made of hanging ceramic musical shape notes, converting the church itself into a musical instrument. There are 7 different shapes: do re mi fa sol la ti. Approximately two hundred of these hang on thread from the metal cross beams of the church. Apfelbaum has also made mallets for the piece, and will present a series of notation spray drawings which are a reference to graffiti where writing is a form of drawing.

  • Polly Apfelbaum: Chromatic Scale

    Polly Apfelbaum: Chromatic Scale

    Chromatic Scale: Prints by Polly Apfelbaum
    National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington D.C.
    10 March – 2 July 2017

    Featuring prints in NMWA’s collection along with complementary loans, Chromatic Scale takes a focused look at Apfelbaum’s print work, a part of her oeuvre that has not been extensively studied, and examines how the artist extends the conventional boundaries of color and technique.

  • Polly Apfelbaum: Any Dream Will Do

    Polly Apfelbaum: Any Dream Will Do

    Any Dream Will Do
    Luton Town Centre
    9 December 2016 – 19 March 2017

    For the winter-spring 2017 edition of ‘As You Change, So Do I’, Polly Apfelbaum will produce Any Dream Will Do, a series of new poster-works produced exclusively for Luton town centre. A large billboard poster will be positioned outside of Luton’s central railway station while three other smaller works – Pataphysical Dog, A is for Animals and Celtic Animal Zodiac – will be produced in an unlimited edition to be taken away and reposted around Luton by visitors to the town’s new cultural district. In addition, a limited print, in the form of a tea-towel calendar for 2017 titled Pink Giraffe, will be made for the project in collaboration with Luton’s Guildford Street Press.

  • Polly Apfelbaum: Face (Geometry) (Naked) Eyes

    Polly Apfelbaum: Face (Geometry) (Naked) Eyes

    Face (Geometry) (Naked) Eyes
    24 September — 4 December 2016
    Ben Maltz Gallery, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles

    For Face (Geometry) (Naked) Eyes, Apfelbaum has worked with weavers in Oaxaca, Mexico to design and produce four large, 13 × 25 foot, area rugs inspired by a Tree of Life mosaic she encountered in Otranto, Italy, as well as LA’s rich history in New Age spirituality, Czech Fluxus artist Sonia Svecova’s eye collages of the 1960s, and Chilean film director Alejandro Jodorowsky’s mystical and religious film Holy Mountain (1973). For Apfelbaum, the use of eye imagery serves as a connecting icon, bridging belief systems, new-age and cult symbolism, and the idea of looking and seeking out spirituality.

    In addition to the new site-specific floor pieces, Face (Geometry) (Naked) Eyes will also include over 100 ceramic and wooden sculptures produced between 1988-2016 – many of which have never been exhibited before – as well as handmade ceramic beads suspended on thread. Ceramics and weaving are ancient crafts that take us to many of these mystical and philosophical histories. Visitors will be invited to take their shoes off and spend time in the installation.

  • Polly Apfelbaum in Making and Unmaking: An Exhibition Curated by Duro Olowu

    Polly Apfelbaum in Making and Unmaking: An Exhibition Curated by Duro Olowu

    Making & Unmaking: An exhibition curated by Duro Olowu
    Camden Arts Centre, London
    19 June – 18 September 2016

    Polly Apfelbaum’s works Blue Alphabet (2015) and Compulsory Figures (1996) will be featured in Making & Unmaking, curated by celebrated fashion designer and curator Duro Olowu. Bringing together over sixty international artists working in diverse media, this exhibition places antique West African textiles and Bauhaus tapestries amongst contemporary works and new commissions.

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